About Us

Praptizz is one of the most required delivery services which you have been missing all this while. We are one of the most prompt delivery services which bring ease to your everyday life. Be it your most important paper or your everyday lunch. Either you forgot your keys or something of need which you want from your loved who lives on the far end of the city, we can cover it all for you!

Praptizz works on the very simple formula of same city same day delivery. We pick up all you got to give and drop off all you need to take on the same day!

  • Easy and simple
  • Same day pick up and drop-off
  • Secure and trusted

Your machine time is here

No minimum order

There Is No minimum Order You Can Send Any Package.

Same day delivery

We assure you same day delivery. No matter where in the city you need your package to reach, we will be delivering in just few hours.

100% Assurance

All you have to do is tell us and be relaxed. Your money, time and pacakge, we keep it all 100% safe and transperent, no extra charges, no additional formalities.

"Praptizz- same day, same city, many smiles!"


A lot of our happy customers trust Praptizz with all there packages and important documents to deliver.

I live near Mata Mandir, while my office is on hoshangabad road. Due to rush at morning hours I often forget files, documents and other things at home. Thanks to Praptizz, I do not have to suffer for my things anymore.

- Manish dubey

My parents live in BHEL, while my house is in danish kunj. My son has forgotten his books at BHEL. Thanks to praptizz, I got my stuff delivered on the same day without any problems.

- Sarita saxena

Praptizz is one of the best apps came across to deliver things, it is easy, hazzel free and affordable. I am impressed by their same day commitment. I would recommend Praptizz anyday over any other delivery app.

- Indra saraf